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CILC, Certified Integrative Life Coach (The Ford Institute)

Meditation Coach

Reiki Certified

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner


Always being a creative creature, an avid thinker, seeking out the "how do I get there", hurdling life's obstacles & endless "to-do" lists, but always had a feeling deep that there had to be more to it all. I will admit, it was life itself that had always inspired me, not the circumstances/pitfalls/obstacles & blessings... however, they challenged me to become who I am today.

I became an Integrative Life Coach over 10 years ago. I found it to be so inspiring & life-changing, it was instinctual to pursue my Coaching Certification. What I have learned and experienced since then has only strengthened my skills. I'm constantly learning to apply my own work that goes beyond even the traditional "coaching concepts".  I'm passionate about what I do because I feel it is the "missing link" in today's crazy world. 

I have spent over the past 20 years in a capacity of helping others, thus fostering my passion through a collaboration of the sociology, physiology and the psychology of human life.   Working in the corporate world for over 15 years, with 12 years as an Executive Recruiter /Owner, 

and the last 14 years in a combination of life coaching and fitness (bodywork as a Pilates Instructor/Studio Owner).  

 My journey has taken me to teach meditation, to write (something I've long resisted) alongside my Pilates practice.  My purpose with my coaching practice is to inspire you to listen from within whether you are finding your purpose, finding yourself, creating change, healing from loss, and even excelling at your best.  Learning new methods to bring & promote "peace of the mind, body & spirit" regardless of where you are, at the top or at the bottom. 

 The investment is one that will pay you very well.

You only stand to gain, you have nothing to lose. 

~ Namaste

Sessions are in group settings or private one-on-one (tailored to your needs).  The best part is you just need your phone or computer from the privacy of your home, car, work, or anywhere!    Each Meditation session runs approximately 30 minutes, Chakra Balancing class runs approximately 45-60 minutes and includes a meditation at the end. 

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What Clients Are Saying...

"Chrissy helped me realize the benefits of meditation by teaching me the foundation of the practice.  I now understand how easy it is to meditate after following her guided meditation sessions.  I was able to draw on the calmness I felt during meditation, even at other times during my week."  
"I feel so relaxed like never before"
"I realize I am more centered and focused in everything I do". ... It encourages me to really live a healthy lifestyle."
"These meditation sessions are really helping me more than I thought it would."
"It's amazing how creative I become after the meditation morning sessions! I have so much energy."

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