Private Sessions are scheduled independently & are not reflected on the schedule. Offering Virtual (Online) Classes too! See schedule below!
​Private Sessions
Semi-Private Sessions
Small Group Classes

Learn the work & how it can truly help YOUR body.


With the Private Sessions, focus will be on teaching you the work, both matwork & all apparatus work.  We will zone in on your ability for movement, teaching you how to do & move through the exercises correctly.  You will truly maximize your body's potential within these private sessions!  Sessions are 55 minutes in length.   You'll  improve your muscular imbalances, alignment, & weaknesses all while gaining strength.  Get ready for a great personal experience. You'll take this work with you in everything you do.

Still getting the attention of the instructor while working along side others on the apparatus. 


For the experienced client, you can have the opportunity of working in any of the semi-private sessions, allowing you to diversify & challenge yourself in your pilates work alongside others! Increase accountability & decrease the cost! Sessions are maximum of 2-5 people & Semi's are 45-50 minutes in length. 

Studio Package

Coming to the studio for pilates more than twice a week? We recommend you to consider the Studio Package for saving on all session types!   

Adhering to a limited class-size environment, still receive the attention & key instruction!


You will be challenged while guided through the mat system & fundamentals of  "The  Pilates  Method".  In addition to Mat Classes, there are others which are the perfect compliment to the Pilates Method. Ask Christine about her special Virtual Classes.     

New to the studio or this work?  Go through the Introductory to Pilates Package.  It's designed for you & is a great way to begin at a special savings!