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Below is the latest Schedule (last updated March 18 2020).  






  • 6:00am    Semi w/Chrissy

  • ​8:30am    Semi Reformer/Chair w/Chrissy​​

  • 9:30am    Tower w/Beth

  • 10:30am   Semi Reformer/Chair w/Chrissy

  • 6:00pm.   Tower w/Beth


  • 8:30am    Semi Low Chair/Tower  w/Chrissy

  • 9:30am.   Semi Tower w/Chrissy

  • 9:30am    Semi Reformer w/Beth

  • 5:30pm.   Semi w/Chrissy


  • 8:30am   Semi Reformer & Chair w/Chrissy

  • 9:30am   Semi Intermediate Reformer w/Chrissy

  • 9:30am   Semi Tower w/Beth

  • 11:30am  Semi w/Chrissy


  • 8:30am.   Reformer w/Chrissy

  • 9:30am.   Reformer/Chair Semi w/Chrissy


  • 8:30am   Semi w/Beth

  • 9:30am.  Semi w/Chrissy

Private & Semi-Private Sessions are on all apparatus (Reformer, Tower Units, Chair, and/or Barrel).


Private Sessions scheduled separately..

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What Clients Say...
I've been weight training and trying to be in the best shape I can be in for the last 15 years.  I have tried other schools and classes, but nothing compares to Chrissy, she really knows her stuff.  I feel incredible after I leave her class.  She takes the time to explain as she is training you."   Tim A.

"Chrissy is one of the best pilates instructors I've ever had.  She has a great upbeat attitude and truly motivates. (She) goes beyond just teaching you the moves but also teaches HOW the exercises strengthen your body and make you healthier.....   I no longer live in Elmhurst but when I come back about 2-3 times a year Chrissy always remembers me and it's like seeing an old friend.... The studio is very clean and cheery.  Class sizes are small so you get personalized attention....  Chrissy stays up to date on all the latest exercise/pilates news and is great for someone starting out or a seasoned vet!" Dani K.

"LOVE your studio and your instruction!  Great variety, consistently keeping it interesting for us long timers (I think I am about 5+ years with you).  Love the tower class and always feel so great afterwards!  You have managed to find the balance between pushing us without being in-your-face and turning us/me off." Kristi C.


 “Thank you, Chrissy! You've changed my life and body! At one point I had injured myself so badly that I couldn't touch my toes without pain. Chrissy helped me work out in a way that relieved my pain and she referred me to a great Physical Therapist. :-) I also worked out with Chrissy through the 40th (yes, 40th) week of pregnancy. I couldn't wait to get back to Pilates after my baby was born. Chrissy keeps my Reformer and Tower classes challenging and fun.” Eveyln T. B.


“Chrissy brings incredible energy to the studio (even at 6:00 am) and her extensive pilates knowledge enables her to tailor and push each client to his or her limit. She transformed my body after my second child and pushed me through my third child. I never felt stronger or better about my body than when I was under Chrissy's watchful care. I wish I could have brought her to Florida with me. She's that good" Laura V.

"Great individual training. Positive atmosphere. My knee and shoulder problems have gone away now that I go for instruction two days a week! Pilates really is a tremendous workout. Chrissy has a very flexible schedule and is always willing to accomodate you." Tom F.

    Small Group Classes


Week of 3/23/20...



  • 7:15 am.   Virtual Mat w/Chrissy

  • 7:30am    Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 11:30am   Virrul Mat w/Beth

  • 9:00am.   Virtual Mat w/Chrissy

  • 11:30am   Virtual Sport Yoga w/Chrissy

  • 1:30pm     Virtual Stability & Strength Mat Class w/Chrissy

  • 5:30pm    Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 8:00pm.   Meditation (Focus: Balance) w/Chrissy


  • 7:30am     Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 9:30am.    Virtual Mat Class w/Chrissy

  • 10:00am   Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 10:30am.   Virtual Reformer on the Mat w/Chrissy

  • 4:30pm.    Virtual Cardio Equipment Intervals w/ Chrissy

  • 8:00pm.    Meditation w/Chrissy



  • 7:00am.    Virtual Mat w/Chrissy 

  • 7:30am     Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 9:00am     Virtual Strength & Stability Class w/Chrissy

  • 11:30am.    Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 12:30pm    Virtual  ROM Class  w/ Chrissy

  • 7:00pm.     Virtual Chakra Balancing


  • 7:30am.     Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 9:00AM:    Virtual Mat Class w/ Chrissy

  • 11:30am.   Virtual Sport Yoga Class w/Chrissy

  • 11:30am.   Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 5:30pm.    Virtual Cardio Equipment Intervals w/Chrissy

  • 8:00pm.    Meditation w/Chrissy



  • 7:15 am.     Virtual Mat w/Chrissy

  • 7:30am.     Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 9:00am.     Virtual ROM Class w/Chrissy

  • 10:00am.   Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 12:30pm    Virtual Foam Roller Release Mat Class w/Chrissy

  • 5:30pm.     Virtual Cardio Equipment Intervals w/Chrissy

  • 8:00pm.     Meditation w/Chrissy


  • 8:00am.     Virtual Mat Class w/ Chrissy

  • 10:00am.   Virtual Mat w/Beth

  • 11:45:am.    Virtual Reformer on the Mat w/Chrissy


  • 8:00am.     Meditation w/Chrissy

  • 9:00am.     Virtual Mat Class w/Chrissy

  • 11am. .        Sport Yoga Class w/Chrissy

*Must meet requirements, inquire within. 


New in-studio clients must go through Intro Package before joining a mat class or being placed in a semi-private session.   Call or click below to schedule!  The latest Schedule (last updated March 18 2020).  Questions? Call 630.247.3801!


All Private & Duet Sessions are scheduled individually.  There is availability with other instructors, please call 630.247.3801 to inquire. 


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